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#Autism is a spectrum. In the old criteria, it had different subtypes. But recently, #Autism is regarded as a spectrum disorder.

#Autism is characterised by varying levels of impairments in Social Communication and stereotype, restricted, and repetitive behaviours.

There’s no local prevalence data— but the CDC in the US has estimates of #Autism prevalence at 1 in every 68 children.

Even without local data, we know that #Autism is increasing in numbers.

The mainstay of treatment for #Autism is still educational intervention— these include special services and schools, and therapy centres, and family education.

In any child whose parents have concerns, the first step is always identifying the problems. For some parents, this is preceded by overcoming denial.

When the challenges are identified, a child may be referred, by her primary care provider, to a specialist for assessment.

Assessment entails a full evaluation that include detailed history, physical exam, getting feedback from everyone who takes care ofor works with the child— parents, teachers, yayas, etc., clinical observation, and the administration of specific standardised toolsfor developmental assessment.

#Autism can be diagnosed by developmental pediatricians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and other pros with special training.

A child with #Autism needs a structured environment. Rules have to be clear and consistent, a routine has to be established. Families should use positive approaches to discipline. Parents should realise that they are a very important part of the team. If not the most important part of the team.

Individuals with #Autism may have varying needs depending on the level of their impairments. A child with more severe problems may need an individualised program, while some may only require accommodations in a regular classroom setting.

#Autism is a diagnosis made clinically. A larger portion will have no identifiable cause but a small group will have co-morbid genetic or medical conditions that may warrant further investigation and sometimes medication.

For example, seizures are more common in children with #Autism. #Autism may also be associated with psychiatric disorders which may require medication. It’s usually the associated problems that require the medication.

For parents, the largest support group in the country is #Autism Society of the Philippines or ASP. They have local chapters for example, the one in Manila is based in UP CAMP— the College of Allied Medical Professionals.

Early recognition and intervention optimises the outcome and may change the disabling trajectory of the disorder. In other words, a child with #Autism has a chance to live a full and meaningful life.

This has been Dr. Isa Quilendrino and I can see your child at the Child Development Enrichment Center, ManilaMed. I am here Tue and Sat by appointment. Families should never lose hope and should continue to see their children as gifts with a purpose.

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